You told me to raise my hand
If I believed you would protect my interests in the elders assembly.
I did and with that I gave my trust
All you did was to turn around.

Is this the service you promised?
You said you were servant-leader
I, the servant you ,the leader dummy,
You seemed to say.

You live in a palace
I live in a hut.
I hold no malice
But if you preach, practice.

The road to the neighboring village
is tortuous and impassable.
I wonder the image .
Aha!the road to your house too,is inaccessible.

Oh! your iron horse is resilient
It is high, strong,and cools in the midday sun.
I use the village bicycle,and boat, am obedient
For how long will I endure the fun?

Do you believe in the hereafter?
Do you believe in the humanity of your new servant?
Please mend my rafters
And remember I am no ant.
but your servant.


The middle aged man

Congratulations on your new age
You can’t walk, you can’t fly.
You look pitiable at this stage
When I See your plight, nay your potentials,I cry.

You cannot make a fire for your people
But you placed a mirror in the skies
The blind beg, and so the crippled
Disillusioned,resigned to sighs

O how you were plundered
Raped and misguided.
Were they that greedy, or directionless to murder?
God’s awesome creation,divided.

I see a stronger you sir,
But lots needs to be done.
We all must join to stir
The cauldron,and not to throw stones.

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#Proudly Nigerian
#I love Nigeria
#Happy birthday Nigeria


“Wikipedia” defines Ponzi scheme as a “fraudulent investment where the operator generates returns for older investors through revenue paid by new investors, rather than from legitimate business activity or profit of financial activity”.It is characterized by

1.high returns usually short term and consistent.

2.When new investment dries up, the business goes under.In essence it uses the investment of the new recruit to pay old investor.


This is similar to the Ponzi scheme, but differs in some respects. Find below similarities and differences;

1.Here recruitment is indirect. It means the old investor is the one required to recruit others. In the Ponzi scheme, the Organizer directly does the recruitment.

2.There is an understanding that new money would fund the payout of compensation. Hence there is this drive for recruitment of new investors.

3.The pyramid scheme collapses faster than a Ponzi scheme. This is because it relies on the exponential increase in participants. The Ponzi scheme can survive longer when investors are lured with higher returns when they reinvest.

“Investopedia” defines MLM as a “strategy of direct sales companies use to encouragetheir existing distributors to recruit new distributors by paying them (existing distributors) a percentage of recruit’s sales. The recruits are called downlines”.

From the foregoing one can clearly see that Ponzi and pyramid schemes are fraudulent variations of multilevel marketing.

So how can one distinguish between a Ponzi/pyramid schemes and a genuine MLM?

Susan ward in her august 2017 article on “the balance” http://www.balance. com describes some red flags;

1.Pyramid schemes request investment of large sums up front.

2.pyramid schemes do not aim at creating a market for a product or service. Consumer demand is of no consequence to them

3.There is more emphasis on recruitment over selling of a business or a service.

For me these are the things I look out for.

1.Physical presence and geographic spread. Is there a physical address I can locate and “catch” the company I invested in if all goes awry?

2.Is the company a registered entity?

3.Do they have a web presence? What is their review rating? What do other people/companies /agencies say about them and their business/products.

4.Do they have a sell tangible goods /services?Anything I can hold on to, in case of default?

5.Is what they offer as interest too good to be true? It is my  belief that no institution other than a financial institution can give me interest. So if you are not one, what can I hold on to, if I make an investment.





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